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Hardware Components for Woodworking Jig and Fixture Designs

Woodworking hardware from Woodpeckers for jig and fixtures offers distinct functionality and quality connection and securement between the workpieces of your project. These hard-to-find items are easy to obtain at Woodpeckers.

Keep your stock safely in contact with the fence and table with just the right amount of clamping pressure with the Woodpeckers Miter Slot Nut. Miter Slot Nuts fit most standard 3/4 x 3/8 miter channels in table saws and router tables. Try our Insert Nut, Knock In for solid holding sessions with particle board and edge-grain applications.

Clamp your work anywhere along a T-track — quickly and securely, with the Hold Down Clamp. This hardware is known to be one of the easiest ways to clamp wood along an aluminum T-track. The rubber-tip ends allow for increased grip without denting your project.

Our steel cross dowels are perfect for blind applications or shop projects like workbench legs. The Woodpeckers Cross Dowels and Connector Bolts form super-strong right-angle joints, and can withstand high torque. 

We pride ourselves in creating woodworking products with innovative features woodworkers would appreciate. Find the right hardware for your woodworking project at Woodpeckers every time.