Joint Bridge


Woodpeckers Joint Bridge Clamping Pads address an issue that has challenged woodworkers as long as there has been glue. No matter how carefully you joint and plane material, when you put a group of boards in your clamps there’s always just a little bit of twist, cup or bow left and the faces don’t line up perfectly. Blame Mother Nature.  Stress in the boards is released as you machine them. With each new surface you create, the boards are being pulled in new and different directions. Woodworkers have dealt with this problem in hundreds of different ways for thousands of years…with mixed results. Our new Joint Bridges provide a novel, problem solving solution to this age-old problem. In a nut shell, they localize the pressure to even out each joint individually. And do it without getting inadvertently glued to your carefully-prepared work piece. These simple, economical clamping aids deliver smoother, flatter panel glue-ups which require less planing and sanding. 

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Joint Bridge Set - 12 PC Joint Bridge Set - 12 PC SKU: JB-22

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Keeps Boards Level with Each Other and Equalizes Clamping Pressure 

On longer glue-ups, when you need support in the center, you can clamp several Joint Bridge pairs by using a piece of scrap stock above and below the panel. Joint Bridges are also ideal for creating today’s popular through-inlay cutting boards. Your inlay strips can be up to 1/2" thicker than the board without interference from the Joint Bridge, something not possible with traditional clamping cauls. 

Joint Bridges make ideal clamping pads for older style clamps with small, hard faces that tend to mar your stock. They’re formed from glass-reinforced polycarbonate. It’s the same tough material used in our box clamps and knuckle clamps and handle shop abuse and glue quite well. They’re so useful for so many clamping applications that we offer them by the 12-pack or 24-pack, (12 will do the ends of a 4-section panel). 

Like all Woodpeckers products, the Joint Bridge Clamping Pads are made right here in Northeast Ohio, carefully packaged in the same place and shipped straight from the factory to your workshop.

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Country of Manufacture United States


Length:  4"
Width:   1"
Clamping Pads:  1" x 1-3/8"
Bridge Gap:  1-1/4"