Thin Stock Lumber

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Big Style on Small Projects with Exotic & Domestic Thin Stock Lumber Supplies

Do you enjoy woodworking or turning, but you find it difficult to find quality thin stock lumber for your small projects? At Woodpeckers, we’ve got you covered in style. We have a large variety of thin stock lumber including domestic & exotic species from all parts of the world for your specialty woodworking projects. 

We have thin stock lumber from South America, the Dominican Republic, Africa, Cuba and the list goes on. We have lumber that is easy to cut and to finish. We also have wood that glues easily. We offer wood types that are simple to work with using hand or power tools, as well as species that perform well with saws. Woodpeckers also stocks lumber that is just plain aesthetically pleasing to the eye, whether due to color, texture or grain patterns.  

The African mahogany species is a less expensive thin stock lumber we carry. It is a pale pink to deep red-brown in color. It saws well and glues and finishes easily. Ash is a premium-type wood species that has beautiful long straight grain lines. It is known for its bending properties and its shock resistance. Our Bocote thin stock lumber, native to Central & South America, is popular for its zebra-striped grain lines that look fantastic when finished. Our Ebony, native to West Africa, is one of our exotic species that woodworkers dream of working with and really enjoy. It is a black wood with little variation. It has an even texture and turns and polishes with a high gloss finish.

These are just a few of the species we have in our ongoing inventory of thin stock lumber. Get custom-sized pieces of exotic thin stock lumber and create stunning finished projects!