Live Edge Slabs

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Take Rustic Woodworking to the Next Level with Live Edge Slabs

Live edge wood is a design trend that has become increasingly popular in furniture and the architectural arts for all styles of homes. Live edge slabs are pieces of lumber that are cut into slabs of a desired thickness with the natural elements of knots & burls left intact. Although this was once considered flawed wood, nowadays a live edge slab table top or bench that is left intact is considered to have more of a “rugged” or “rustic” appearance. It’s interesting how consumer tastes & trends change over the years - this popular design style showcases the wood’s natural beauty and creates an organic feel to a space, and buyers are eating it up. 

Live edge slabs not only are being used for tables, but now building installations like kitchen islands, built-in bookcases and mantels are featuring live edge slabs. At Woodpeckers, we sell a wide selection of live edge wood for your woodworking projects. We currently have 9 types of live edge wood, with different prices depending on their difficulty in obtaining. We offer classic woods like our live edge spalted maple slab with organic discolorations caused by fungal decay for an always-original appearance. We also have lighter-color woods like the live edge primavera slab from Central America which has a pale cream to golden color that darkens with age. The live edge jobillo slab from Mexico and south to Brazil is a rare live edge wood that is a medium reddish-brown hue with odd-spaced streaks of dark brown to almost black. You can get all these exotic, one-of-a-kind live edge wood slabs from Woodpeckers!

We not only sell live edge slab woods, we also have the perfect tool to flatten your slabs faster and easier for whatever application you are pursuing. The overall width and unpredictable grain changes make using a jointer and thickness planer impractical, so start your milling with the Woodpeckers Slab Flattening Mill. Mill a flat face on a live edge slab over 4-feet wide and up to 3-3/8" thick without having to shim the rails or your work piece. Simply slide your router across the slab and back in a controlled plane, repeating the action until you’re done!

You may also wish to try our new and improved Slab Flattening Mill Pro. Working with feedback from thousands of Slab Flattening Mill customers, we have redesigned the router carriage with a greater thickness range and an integrated dust capture right at the source. We also offer surfacing router bits including bits with interchangeable carbide tips. For edge milling, Woodpeckers offers down-cut solid carbide spiral bits in a few diameters and cutting lengths.

Creating your own furniture pieces from gorgeous live edge slabs has never been easier thanks to Woodpeckers – we’ve got the woodworking tools and the live edge wood you need to enjoy this visually striking woodworking trend!