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Variety of wood types for your woodworking projects

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Domestic & Exotic Wood Blanks, Thin Stock Lumber & Live Edge Slabs for Woodworking

Part of the satisfaction of advancing in skilled woodcraft is working with a variety of wood types for your projects. From Ash, Black Walnut, Cherry and Mahogany to Padauk, Bocote, Katalox and Maple, different types of wood have different degrees of softness, workability and finished appearance. Woodpeckers is pleased to offer domestic & exotic turning blanks, thin stock lumber and live edge slabs for sale & shipping throughout the United States. We have secured a very limited quantity of stock that you can own and enjoy without violating shipping laws or concern that you’re destroying natural resources.

Express your style and skill with domestic & exotic woods from Woodpeckers coupled with our great selection of woodworking tools for your next project. Ethically sourced and available to you via online sales, these lumber supplies will have your next wood-based project drawing lots of admiration!