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Whiteside Shaker Style Bits

whiteside shaker set

Making clean and simple cabinet doors like what's found on Shaker and Mission Style projects just got a whole lot easier. Introducing Whiteside's Shaker Stile and Rail Set and Whiteside's Bevel Raised Panel Set. The Shaker Stile and Rail Set is all you need if you are planning on the more traditional flat panel door. This set cuts the 7/32 (5.5mm) grooves required for fitting the plywood panels.

If you are looking to upgrade from the flat panel to a true Raised Panel Door, add the Bevel Raised Panel set. Not only does this cutter create the 15 degree profile, it also comes with 3 different sized bearings. Those 3 bearings give you the flexibility to vary the visible reveal on the panel (tongue length).

shaker set

Both of these sets come with carbide tips and 1/2" shanks.

Made in the USA.



Whiteside Shaker Stile and Rail Set


Whiteside Bevel Raised Panel Bit
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