Whiteside Biscuit Joining Kit

The Whiteside Biscuit Joining Kit is a great alternative to costly plate joiners for cutting biscuit slots. Whether it's to strengthen butt joints or aligning multiple boards to create one large panel, biscuit joinery is a fantastic solution. This kit includes a 5/32” Kerf slot cutter and 3 different sized bearings to accommodate #0, #10 or #20 biscuits. You can use this in a router table or in a handheld router for your larger projects.
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Whiteside Biscuit Joining Kit - 1/2" Shank Whiteside Biscuit Joining Kit - 1/2" Shank SKU: 41945

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Whiteside Router Bits attention to quality of materials and expert brazing and grinding technologies has made them an furniture industry favorite since the early 70's.

Includes cutter, 3 different bearings and hex wrench.