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Wera Multi Driver Screwdriver


Wera Kompakt Hand & Power Driver Set

This set from German toolmaker Wera, looks and works like something out of Batman's tool-belt. First, the handle pops open to reveal 6 precision driver tips -- #1 and #2 Phillips, #1 and #2 Square Drive and small and medium slotted. Grab the tip you need and pop it into the Rapidaptor chuck…it seats perfectly without doing a thing.

Now you have a stubby screwdriver with a full-sized handle. Need more reach? Pull back on the collar at the shank end of the handle…the shank extends two inches. Want to use a cordless driver? Pull back on the collar again and the shank comes completely out, ready to insert into any driver/drill. When you're through working, compress the whole thing back together and store in the included belt pouch.

The “ghee-whiz” design makes it fun to play with, but when you're through playing and want to get to work, that's when this tool really shines. The tips are precision milled to fit fasteners perfectly. There's virtually no slop in the joint between the shank and the handle or between the Rapidaptor and the driver insert. The handle is formed from two different plastics, one that slides in your palm and one that grips when you squeeze it. The handle is balanced so it rests on a hexagonal section that prevents it from rolling off your workbench.

he driver tips and Rapidaptor are fully interchangeable with all Wera sets…the ToolCheck Plus we featured a few weeks ago, for instance. Build your Wera collection and always have the right tool for the job, and have it right where you need it.

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Country of Manufacture Czech Republic