Wera Compact Driver Kit

Wera's Tool-Check PLUS packs an incredible collection of driver tips into a tiny, organized kit. Everything in the kit is based off ¼” hex shanks…the common standard around the world. Tucked into the top of the kit is the Rapidaptor. All ¼” hex shank tips pop into the Rapidaptor and instantly lock solid. The Rapidaptor fits in any brand cordless impact or driver/drill. It also fits into the mini-ratchet and screwdriver handle tucked neatly into the package. You've probably seen a hundred different bit holders for little driver tips, but you haven't seen one like this. The tips are locked rock-solid with virtually no backlash yet pop out instantly when you pull back the collar.

The driver tips include square drive, Phillips, hex drive (Allen), Torx and security Torx. Thoughtfully, there are duplicates of the most common drives…#1 Phillips, #2 Phillips, and #2 square drive.

Completing the set, you'll find 7 six-point ¼-inch drive sockets, from 3/16” to ½”. There's an adapter for the sockets so you can use them in the Rapidaptor, the screwdriver handle or the mini-ratchet. Of course, you can use them with any ¼” drive ratchet you already have. The sockets have a knurled rim for easy finger-tip spinning and are color-coded for quick size recognition. 

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Country of Manufacture Czech Republic
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