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A few months ago, we launched our new Stainless Steel Precision Squares in 6-Inch and 12-Inch sizes. Following on that success, we’re introducing the 2616SS and 1812SS -- large panel squares with the same time-saving features and guaranteed accuracy found in the full line of Woodpeckers Precision Squares. These squares hold position on your work using our exclusive built-in shoulder. The scribing notches in the blade make layout work simple and accurate. They’re guaranteed to be accurate and guaranteed to stay that way.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for more info!

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Woodpeckers Stainless Steel Squares

The heart of the 2616SS & 1812SS design is a one-piece core. Square isn’t determined by pins, rivets, screws or spot-welds like it is in virtually every other square on the market. It’s determined by our state-of-the-art CNC milling centers. The core is machined square by a computer and verified square by our computer-controlled optical inspection system (capable of measuring angularity to 5 decimal places). 

Like our aluminum squares, the cheeks added to the central core are narrower, forming a shoulder that keeps your square registered to your stock even when you let go. You’ll love using our new stainless-steel squares for lay out work. First, the scales are laser-engraved to a tolerance of ±.004" over the entire length of the scale.  The thin blade puts the scale right next to your work, reducing parallax error. And, we laser cut precisely-spaced scribing notches along the blade. Just drop a pencil into the diamond-shaped notch of your choice and slide the square along the edge of your stock. With the diamond pattern, it doesn’t matter whether you push or pull, you’ll get a line perfectly parallel to the edge.

Like our full line of Precision Squares, we stand behind these squares for the life of the tool. They’re guaranteed to be within ±.0085°. To put that in perspective, on the 1812SS, the maximum error you could find at the far end of the square would be less than the thickness of a human hair.  If you ever find it outside that tolerance, we’ll fix it or replace it. 

  • Blade Thickness: .062"
  • Blade Width: 1812SS 2" / 2616SS 2-1/4"
  • Cheek Thickness with Blade: .562"
  • Cheek Length: 1812SS 11" / 2616SS 15"

All Woodpeckers tools, including these new 2616SS and 1812SS Precision Squares, are precisely machined and carefully inspected in our Strongsville, Ohio factory. We’re introducing these great new squares with special pricing for a very limited time. Pre-order yours today. We expect them to start shipping in January 2020.

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