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Micro Jig (MJ) Splitter

MJ Splitter

MJ Splitters are designed to increase safety and accuracy on your table saw. Placed behind the blade, the MJ Splitter will minimize the chance of kickbacks by reducing pinching during ripping operations.

Each package comes with two splitters offering four different offsets relative to your rip fence. The Splitter comes with thorough instructions and an installation jig for absolutely accurate placement behind your blade.

The MJ Splitter is so simple to use, remove and reinstall you will actually use it.

For use during 90 degree cuts only. Not for miter ripping. Use of the MJ Splitter requires fabrication of zero-clearance insert. (Made in U.S.A.)


table saw
Installed on your table saw, the MJ Splitter minimizes the chance of kickback.

yellow splitter
Easy to remove, easily pops back in.

green splitter
Standard (green) set for full kerf saw blades.

splitter thin-kerf
Thin (yellow) set for for .090 to .118 inch thin-kerf saw blades.


Micro Jig (MJ) Splitter, Standard (green)


Micro Jig (MJ) Splitter, Thin-kerf (yellow)