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Sjobergs Holdfast for Elite Workbench - Free Ground Shipping on this product (U.S. 48 contiguous states only).

Sjobergs has developed lots of accessories to help you get the most out of their workbenches. Whether you want to add more hold downs, an anvil for metal working or a special clamp to sharpen your hand saw, Sjobergs has you covered!
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The Holdfast for Elite Workbenches features a 1” diameter lug to fit the Elite Workbench. A full 360 degree range of clamping, 5” clamping capacity, heavy duty steel construction, and the ability to insert this into any bench dog hole on the worktop or trestle legs makes this a fantastic addition to your Elite Workbench.

The ST-11 Holdfast fits The Nordic, Scandi and Duo Workbenches. The 3/4" diameter lug fits perfect into any of the bench dog holes on the worktop or trestle legs. This heavy duty steel holdfast offers a 360 degree range of clamping along with a 5” clamping capacity.

The Light Duty Holdfast is sold in a pair (2 holdfasts). These fit any 3/4” bench dog hole like what is found on the Nordic, Scandi and Duo Workbenches. The approximate clamping capacity is 5” and these can be mounted into any bench dog location on the worktop as well as in the trestle legs of the previously mentioned Sjobergs Workbenches.

The Sjobergs Universal Anvil adds a plate of armor to your workbench. This 10”x 5” anvil is completely adjustable to fit the Elite, Duo, Scandi and Nordic Workbenches. This 1/4” thick steel anvil weighs in at 5 lbs and offers you a layer of protection when doing any heavy pounding or metal working.

The Tool Clamp is also referred to as the File Clamp. It is the ideal piece of equipment to add to your vise when increased visibility and additional height are helpful. Particularly nice to have when sharpening a hand saw or cabinet scraper. The Tool Clamp features a non-slip grip and will raise your work up about 8 inches.

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