Side Kick Clamps

Trying to keep the ends of boards lined up during panel glue ups can be a real challenge. We have a great solution to help make that process a little easier on you. Very simple and very effective, the Woodpeckers Side Kick Clamps are designed to straddle the glue joint so you can apply even pressure to the boards without interfering with the glue joint! This is due to the inconspicuous groove machnined in the center of both the top and bottom bar. They are even spring loaded to help keep them where you place them before applying a clamp. The top bar is about ¼” wider than the bottom to give you an overhang that makes spreading the Side Kick Clamps a piece of cake. Maximum thickness capacity is 1-1/8”.

Like all Woodpeckers products, these are proudly machined, anodized, assembled and packaged in the U.S.A.!

Our Woodpeckers Side Kick Clamps are a non-stock item, and we have a very limited quantity available. Orders can only be placed through our website. Unfortunately, we cannot accept phone orders for this product.

Sold in pairs (two complete Side Kick Clamps).

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Country of Manufacture United States