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Incra ShopSTOP


What's behind the incremental capabilities of Incra products? Incra Racks. Like all genuine Incra tools, the INCRA ShopSTOP contains patented incremental racks giving you absolutely repeatable accuracy every 1/32 of an inch.

This stop is versatile. It can be quickly reconfigured to span a 3/4" sub-fence, it can be micro-adjusted, it can be vertically adjusted for different bit heights and even comes with an extendable stop rod.

The ShopSTOP includes the rack housing, expandable cap, extender bar and vertical stop surface. All parts anodized aluminum for years of dependable service. Comes with owners manual.

Click to download manual. (ShopSTOP Manual-280K)


Incra ShopSTOP

Expandable incremental stop
Adjustable vertical surface

Fits IncraTRACK or ShopSTOP Fence and all other Incra fence products

Comes complete with hardware and owners manual

Incra ShopSTOP
This Incra product may take 4-6 weeks for shipment.