Shinwa Marking and Measuring

Shinwa Marking and Measuring
The Shinwa Rule Company, based in Niigata, Japan has been manufacturing marking and measuring items for years and have over a 70% market share in Japan. They have recently setup US distribution and we are proud to add these fine tools to our line. Some of these have Japanese writing and others only come in metric versions, but the usefulness and accuracy of each one of their tools cannot be denied.
Shinwa Marking and Measuring

Shinwa Stainless Steel 45° Miter Gauge

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Shinwa Miter Square:  A precisely machined stainless-steel combination 90° and 45° Square.  The base is 6-1/4” long and it is 4” tall.  The scale is in imperial on both the 90° and 45° edge.  Accurate to .00394” (0.1mm) over 4” (100mm).

Shinwa Stainless Steel 45° Miter Gauge:  Made from stainless steel, this miter gauge is precision ground for exceptional accuracy. This 45°/135° gauge has a cut out window allowing for the marking of parallel lines as well as 45°/135° angles.  Accurate to .00394” (0.1mm) over 4” (100mm).

 Shinwa 45-90-45° Saddle Square and Miter Gauge:  Mark precise 45° and 90° angles both left and right just by sliding the Miter gauge, no need to reverse the gauge itself.  Excellent stability.  Convenient to work on baseboard corners.  Lightweight, but not light duty.  Only available with metric markings.

Shinwa Aluminum Layout Tool:  This cleverly designed layout tool makes it easy to mark out 90° and 45° cuts. It can also be used to transfer layout lines from one surface of your work to another. Measurements are in metric. Square marking capacity is 2 1/4", and miter capacity is 3 1/4". Overall size is 2 3/4" x 6". The precisely milled brushed aluminum will give you a lifetime of accuracy.

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Additional Information

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