This is the first M.POWER product designed specifically for use in the kitchen. Although we're pretty sure when woodworkers find themselves cooking, they're likely to prefer using knives that have a decent edge. 15 years ago they launched a unique lateral stroke sharpener for chisels and plane blades. The name of the product was and is FASTTRACK. An acronym: Fixed - Angle - Sharpening - Technology TRACK.

MPower FASTTRACK Knife Sharpener

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MPower FASTTRACK Knife Sharpener

 The Knife Sharpener embraces the FASTTRACK ethos of a controlled, predictable and repeatable sharpening stroke - No other handheld sharpener does this.

The FTS KS truly embodies the idea of genuine "Knife care".  Being the only handheld sharpener in the world that has interchangeable grades of diamond stones and an "on board" real leather strop for finishing that freshly ground edge; but most important is the KS's ability to create and maintain a truly fine edge in seconds.

They quickly learned how many existing sharpeners on the market actually damaged the knives they purport to be sharpening. The Fasttrack KS approach and design undertakes the task of sharpening in a completely different way.

The KS creates a full beveled edge on both sides of the blade. The convergent point of the 2 bevels becomes the blade edge. So, when in time the knife dulls. It literally takes 3 to 6 sharpening strokes on each knife side to refresh the blade edge. This is because the prepared material above the convergent point is already set and ground to the correct bevel angle.

The blade is sharpened to 17 degrees or an inclusive angle of 34 deg to offer the best all round performance for work in the kitchen.

We know of no other knife sharpener that combines instant fixed angle sharpening with a honing strop. The dish profiled leather strop ensures that any wire/burr created by the sharpening process is removed with the only material that offers a compliant yet durable surface - leather.

The critical element that decides on whether you sharpen your knife or blunt it, is a consistent angled contact point between the knife edge and the abrasive.  Get that right and every time you wish to regain an edge you can be sure that the same point of contact at the same angle minimizes abrasion, getting your knife edge sharp again.

Their solution was to embed 2 x rare earth magnets just below the surface of the strike plate. This helps hold the blade side at the correct angle to meet the diamond stone with every sharpening stroke.

You will want to add additional sharpening grits.  M.POWER has developed a wide range of unique DC (Diamond Cross) diamond stones.  The five grits give you a range of options and allow you customize the different knives in your kitchen.

  • NameColorGrit Size
  • Extra CoarseGrey100
  • PreparationBlack220
  • FinishingWhite450
  • Fine FinishingRed600
  • Super Fine FinishingGreen1000

If you need to remove a nick from a blade edge or to re-establish a pair of full bevel edges. The super abrasive 100 grit extra coarse removes the maximum material in the shortest time. Then again it's personal preference that determines the grade you choose to use to finish your knives with.

We feel we'd failed you, if every time you wanted to change a diamond stone grade. You'd have to find a screwdriver to complete the task. So like the original FASTTRACK, diamond stones are quick change, held in place by a magnet with the process start to finish taking less than 20 seconds to start.


Traditionally "AUTO" sharpeners are bench mounted, can have a lot of components and take time to assemble and use. Certainly not something you'd want set up on your kitchen worksurface. Midway through cooking a dish. Not so the FASTTRACK KS, it can be stored in a kitchen draw, used and replaced in less than 30 seconds. There's no assembly or set up. Less than a dozen sharpening strokes later, the result, a truly sharp knife in next to no time with the FTS KS back in the drawer.


The FTS KS is very well built. We manufacture products that are designed to literally last a lifetime.  Using the best quality components made in the most durable materials we can find. For example, all the fixings (9 screws in total) are made in stainless steel and are fitted in our factory in the UK. The leather strops are scythed, prepared and backed with 3M adhesive by our supplier in Northampton UK.

The knife sharpener comes with a 220 grit diamond stone.

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Additional Information

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