Incra Miter-3000 w/27" Flipfence, Flip Shopstop - Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

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Incra Miter-3000 w/27" Flipfence, Flip Shopstop - Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

Discover the next generation in advanced state-of-the-art Miter Gauges by Incra. The Miter3000 is a feature-rich, does EVERYTHING Miter Gauge that’s the absolute best you can buy. It features the exclusive AngleLOCK™ Indexing System and GlideLOCK™ Miter Bar working together to deliver supremely accurate and repeatable miter cutting performance over a FULL +/-90° range.

Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.



Our top-of-the-line 27" Incra Flip-Stop Fence with the Incremental Dual-FLip ShopSTOP Positioner. Adjustable scale is included. A 52" FLIP-Stop Fence and a second Dual-Flip ShopSTOP are available separately.

High-tech expansion disks adjust both sided of the miter bar for ZERO sideplay, anti-friction travel on all table saws with standard (or near standard) miter gauge channels, including Delta, Powermatic, Craftsman, imports, etc. This means that the incredible precision in the AngleLOCK™ Miter Head will actually show up in your work, because the bar CAN’T wiggle around in the miter slot.

The new Stock-Grip Auxiliary fence both eliminates stock slippage and reduces rear-edge tear out. This 27” long, MDF sub fence is coated with a 5 mil thick non-slip plastic coating. The coating is designed to grip your work piece and keep it accurately seated during angled miter cutting. A 24” extruded aluminum T-Track is attached to the top edge, which captures a deep reach, toggle clamp. This toggle clamp easily adjusts anywhere along the fence length. Multiple clamps can be used to provide added hold down force. Replacement coated MDF fences available.

At the heart of the MITER3000's patented accuracy is the AngleLOCK system. This series of actuators and matching notches guarantees accuracy unmatched by conventional detent approaches. Over 364 positive angle stops are attainable with the 5 and 1/2 degree actuators.

How well your miter bar fits the slot in your saw is every bit as important as hitting your angles. A poor fit here is the cause of saw scuff marks, tear out and gaps in mitered joints. Incra's patented GlideLOCK miter bars solves this problem.

After you've cut the perfect angle, the new FlipSTOP will help you cut your work piece to the perfect length. When either arm of the FlipSTOP is down, the inside surface of the arm meshes completely with the grooves in the fence, creating a solid surface to reference the mitered board end.

Without a doubt, it is the first stop, of any kind, to give you an absolute reference for mitered board ends. The stop itself, meshes with the fence to form an absolute stop point for the pointed end of a board.

As the name implies, the FlipSTOP instantly flips up and out of the way to make the first trim cut.

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Additional Information

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