Incra WonderFence - (shipping time 10-12 weeks)

Incra WonderFence - (shipping time 10-12 weeks)

The new Incra WonderFENCE is Incra’s second-generation general-purpose router table fence. Like the IntelliFENCE, the WonderFENCE is specifically engineered to handle all your edge-forming and shaping operations. It has an adjustable throat opening of well over 6”. The in-feed and out-feed fences have individually adjustable offset mechanisms. These precision-machined tapered wedges are unmatched when it comes to infinite offset adjustability. Scale graduations, laser etched into each pair of wedges, indicate offset in amounts as small as .002”. Total offset range is 1/8” per fence, or 1/4” overall.

Please allow 8 - 10 weeks for shipping this product.



The WonderFENCE can be clamped directly to any router table 1-3/8” thick or less. It can also be mounted directly to the Incra Jig Ultra and the Incra TS Table Saw Fence System. This fence is also 100% compatible with Incra’s Right Angle Fixtures, Incra Stop and ShopSTOP.Dust collection is directed through a dual sized dust port attached to the end of the out-feed fence. This coupling fits both 2-1/2” dust collector and 2-1/4” shop vac fittings.Support of tall or vertically oriented material is handled by the hi-rise assembly. This extruded aluminum guide is positioned approximately eight inches above the table allowing for stability of material as tall as 60”. The front edge features a T-Slot for attaching feather boards. Feather boards can also be attached directly to the fence, which also has a T-Slot.Zero clearance is easily achieved by attaching a pair of MDF auxiliary fences to the in-feed and out-feed sections.Without question, Incra’s new WonderFENCE sets a new, higher standard for general purpose routing fences. (This version of the WonderFENCE is also compatible with Incra’s TS2, TS3 and TS3a Table Saw Fence Systems.) (Router table sold separately.)

Wonderfence includes: Stand Alone 37” Wonder Fence - Variable gap width, variable offset split fence for the router table. Hi-Rise, 37” TS Fence, table clamps.

Add-on includes:   WonderFence and Hi-Rise only.(Attaches to newer Ultra systems with PRO2 Joinery Fence, bigger T-Slot, which fits 1/4" hex nut) 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture United States
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