WTX Clamp Edge System

WTX Clamp Edge System

To accurately break down sheet goods with a table saw you need at least 8 feet of clearance in front of the blade, an equal amount behind the blade, a good rip fence with adequate rip capacity and an extra pair of hands to manage that unwieldy full-size sheet for at least a couple of cuts. On the other hand, with just a little clearance around the perimeter, one person can safely and precisely cut sheet goods with a track saw. But do you really have to spend $1,200 to get the advantages of a track saw? Our long-time partner, Bora Tools, doesn't think so. Over the last few years, Bora Tools has developed a well-rounded saw guide system that delivers great accuracy at a very reasonable price.

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 WTX Clamp Edge System

Bora Rip Handle

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 WTX Clamp Edge System

Bora WTX Clamp Edge Saw Guide Jig Saw Guide

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The heart of the Bora WTX saw guide system is the Saw Plate . Simply dial in your circular saw to the plate and clamp it in three places. Now, you can pair the Saw Plate to Bora's Clamp Edge.

The end of each Clamp Edge is precisely cut and drilled so the extensions can be added. With a 24” Clamp Edge and a 25” Clamp Edge Extension you can cross cut a full 48” sheet of plywood. The clamping heads feature soft-grip non-marring pads that securely grip all surfaces. Align the Clamp Edge on your sheet, drop the Saw Plate over it and simply stay on track while making the cut.

We have added several other accessories that work just as well as the saw plate on the Bora Clamp Edge.  We have very limited supply of each.

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