Bora-Portamate Tools

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Bora Portamate is a global manufacturer of power tool accessories that make your woodworking tools more productive and your projects run more smoothly. Bora Portamate specializes in work stands, mobile bases, saw horses, saw guides and wood clamping accessories.

Reduce time and effort to move wood sheet panels with the Heavy Duty Panel Carrier. Not only can it support up to three sheets of plywood at a time, it also transforms into a table saw feed stand! Adjust the height to accommodate any table saw. 

Clear-up more floor space by installing the Bora Portamate 4-Tier Wood Storage Rack for all your storage needs. The device features adjustable racks to fit long items like boards, molding, and pipes, or even non-woodworking items like sports equipment. This storage rack is easy to install, so get to it!

Check out the Bora Portamate Tools woodworking accessories that showcase why this innovative manufacturer has grown to be so successful.