Armor Tool Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps

Armor Tool Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps

Toggle Clamps have been used for decades to secure stock in all sorts of different applications. They are incredibly versatile, compact and easy to mount to various jigs and fixtures. The only real trouble is the limited range of clamping. Until now, that could only be adjusted by loosening and readjusting the clamping spindle and nut with a wrench, in a purely trial-and-error approach.


Armor Tool Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps

Armor Tool Auto-Adjust In-Line Toggle Clamp IHH15


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Armor Tool Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps

With the New Armor Tool Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps, you can clamp an amazing range of varying thicknesses, with no adjustment from one piece to the next.  This means you can clamp something as thin as a piece of paper or as thick as a 2-3/8” (depending on the model) and never have to make an adjustment to the spindle.  It is completely automatic!

These Armor Tool Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps are not only incredibly convenient and easy to use, they offer tremendous clamping force from 25-550 pounds and depending on the model, holding capacity of up to 700lbs! With the integrated pressure screw, adjusting the clamping force is a piece of cake! The large ergonomic handle features soft insets to increase comfort when clamping. The base of the clamp offers holes and slots to make mounting a breeze.

  • Auto-Adjust: Armor’s Auto-Adjust technology automatically adjusts to variations in workpiece dimensions while maintaining consistent clamping pressure.

  • Adjustable Clamping Pressure: The integrated clamping pressure adjustment screw is used to create a wide range of clamping pressures. Rotate the adjustment screw clockwise to decrease the pressure and counterclockwise to increase it.

  • Plate features adjustable mounting holes on the base plate to accommodate most standard toggle mounting patterns.

  • Large Soft-Grip Handle: For maximum grip and comfort.

Available in Horizonal and In-Line Clamping.

  • IHH15 has an opening of 0 to 3/8”  Holding capacity of 450 lbs
  • IHH25 has an opening of 0 to 3/4”  Holding capacity of 700 lbs
  • HH20 has an opening of 0 to 1-13/16”  Holding capacity of 450 lbs
  • HH50 has an opening of 0 to 1-9/16”  Holding capacity of 700 lbs
  • HH70 has an opening of 0 to 2-3/8”  Holding capacity of 700 lbs


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Additional Information

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