Table Saw Accessories

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Tune Up and Trick Out Your Table Saw

Table saw accessories and table saw attachments from Woodpeckers take your saw to a higher level of precision for consistent, dead-on accuracy. That accuracy starts with a properly aligned saw, and Woodpeckers offers two options to dial your saw in, Saw Gauge and Saw Gauge 2.0. The ThinRip Guide delivers thin strips safely, measuring from the off-cut side of your table saw. The Rip-Flip Fence Stop System takes the micro-adjustable flip-stop somewhere it’s never been before…your table saw. The Exact-90 Miter Gauge takes the guesswork out of making square cuts while the AutoScale simplifies multi-sided miter construction.

More Table Saw Tricks from our Trusted Partners

Woodpeckers offer a broad range of featherboards and push blocks for your table saw to keep the workpiece under control during the cut. Products from MicroJig and MagSwitch keep you safe and improve your finished results. We also carry top quality saw blades from Forrest, Ridge Carbide, Amana, Whiteside and more.  

These Videos Feature Woodpeckers Table Saw Accessories in Action!