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RH Preyda Arkansas Bench Stones


Prized by craftsmen worldwide, RH Preyda Bench Stones are the only known substance that can sharpen a blade and polish it as well. All Bench Stones are 100% natural, cut to size and skillfully finished to ensure precise flatness. Available in a Soft or Hard Bench stone, we also stock a combination Soft/Hard Stone.

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The Soft Arkansas is considered the coarsest of the Arkansas sharpening stones. This stone will provide the initial edge and first level of polishing, but is primarily used for sharpening.  It is graded similarly to a 400-600 grit synthetic stone.

The Hard Arkansas is recommended for work that requires a smooth polish.  This stone will provide the final hone and polish edge for most tools in the shop or kitchen.

The Combination Bench Stone provides a good value for woodworkers, combining the two most popular stones.

All of the bench stones are 8” x 3” x 3/4"

Premium Honing Oil is available in a convenient 16 oz bottle.

RH Preyda was founded in Chicago in 2013 after discovering an industry desire for fine quality natural sharpening stones. Produced only in Arkansas, RH Preyda sharpening stones are 100% natural and quarried by hand. Featuring customizable capabilities, their skillfully hand-crafted stones offer superior sharpening solutions for both industrial and consumer use. RH Preyda products are designed to meet the demands of a vast number of industries including knife and tool edge maintenance, medical, dental, sporting & outdoor, jewelry, gold testing and more.

RH Preyda 100% natural Arkansas stones are made from Novaculite, the ultimate sharpening stone.

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