One-Time Tool: Corner Radius Quick-Jig


quick jig
quick jig

Rounding the corners of furniture is the best way to protect that corner from damage and soften the look of the piece. It might only be a very slight 1/8th radius or a graceful 1 rounded corner. Either way rounded corners add a smooth flowing transition from one side to the next.

Sanding a corner radius is quick if the radius is very small. As the radius increases in size, it gets progressively more difficult and time consuming.

That's where a router and a template come into play. A template is nothing more than a pattern that's followed by a bearing on the end of a flush trim router bit. That's where the new Woodpeckers Radius Quick Jig can help. Many templates need to be clamped, nailed or taped into position. That might work but it isn't fast and doesn't always result in a smooth, blended corner radius.

This new jig can easily be handheld in position. Both sides of the jig have guide blocks that butt perfectly up against perpendicular edges of your board. There's literally nothing for you to align. Alignment happens automatically simply by pulling back on the jig. And you don't need to nail or clamp the jig to keep it in place. Between pressure from the router bit and a little hand pressure the jig can only go where it belongs.

Each jig is CNC machined from a solid block of aluminum to ensure perfect alignment of the guide blocks to the corner. The care taken to make sure the guide blocks and corner blend smoothly is a big reason why this jig does such a nice job without creating any steps in the boards' edge. Each jig has two different radiuses on opposite corners. Six different jigs are available with radius dimensions as indicated in the table below.

The Radius Quick Jig is our latest One-Time Tool. They're made to order so if you're interested in getting one or all, please place your order no later than Monday July 18th. They'll ship in early September and of you won't be charged until they do (except for payment by paypal).

Machined in our own shop just outside Cleveland, Ohio and of course, made in U.S.A.





4 X 4

1/8, 1/4


4 X 4

3/8, 1/2


4 X 4

5/8, 3/4


4 X 4

7/8, 1


4-1/2 X 4-1/2

1-1/8, 1-1/4


4-1/2 X 4-1/2

1-3/8, 1-1/2

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