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Portamate Panel Carrier and Table Saw Feed Stand

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Let’s face it, maneuvering full sheets around the shop by yourself is just not fun or easy. As long as there have been 4’x8’ sheets of plywood or MDF and a need to rip them on a table saw, there has been the awkward and uncomfortable chore of moving the sheet goods across the shop and on top of the table saw.  

Portamate has just made that chore a whole lot easier and safer.  The PM-1800 Panel Carrier and Table Saw Feed Stand is the first to make quick and easy work out of moving your sheet goods from your truck, or across the shop floor and tilting it up to the exact right working height of your table saw.  The sheet literally never has to touch the ground!  And you never have to burden yourself with the full weight!  


The PM-1800 has the strength and capacity to handle several boards at once.  The bottom lip of the support arm is 2-1/4” wide and can hold up to 350 pounds! The heavy duty 6” rubber wheels allow you to glide your sheet goods effortlessly around the shop.  The support arm can tilt and lock horizontally plus is adjustable from 28” high to 40” high making it the perfect working height for virtually any table saw.

This makes it simple to move material from a truck bed to the PM-1800, flip down to roll it to and through the shop, and then even flip back up for sawing!  The support arm can be locked at 90 degrees, the height adjusted, and the support leg extended for a rock-solid table saw feed stand.  Simply fold it flat for easy storage.  This is an incredibly simple, brilliant and affordable tool for your shop!

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Portamate Carrier and Table Saw Feed Stand