One Time Run Paolini Pocket Rule

paolini rule

Handy, accurate and loaded with features. That's Woodpeckers latest One-Time Tool, the Paolini Pocket Rule.

If you spend much time in your shop, you quickly realize that a ruler is handiest if it's at your fingertips. For lumber, it might be a tape measure hooked to your belt, for marking joinery and setting up tools, it's probably the six inch ruler slipped in your apron pocket.

Woodpeckers new Paolini Pocket Rule takes this “must have” tool to the next level. It features an easier to handle 1/8" thick blade, a 6-1/2" engraved scale, a vertical scale for setting up tools and a sliding rule stop which doubles as a ruler stand.

The extra thick aluminum blade is easy to grasp, more likely to remain straight, and less likely than a steel rule to damage a blade or bit during set up. Each side is laser engraved with 1/16 and 1/32 inch scales (also available in metric) and one end has a 1/32 vertical scale which is super handy for setting up saw blades and router bits.

The sliding rule stop and pencil notch make for an unbeatable T-rule. Simply slide the stop to your desired scale marking, lock it in place and with the pencil tip nestled in the notch, you're ready to layout mortises, tenons, rabbets and many other joints.

And if that isn't enough, imagine being able to set your saw blade and bit height without the ruler falling over. The rule stop doubles as a stand to keep the ruler solidly on edge leaving both of your hands free to make adjustments.

If that sounds handy to you, consider the indispensible Paolini Pocket Rule from Woodpeckers.

If you're a giant, routinely where a holster around your shop or just want a monster of a pocket rule, in addition to the 6” Paolini Pocket Rule we'll also be machining an 18” Bench Rule which has the same features except it's bigger. A lot bigger.

The Paolini Pocket Rule is part of Woodpeckers One-Time Tool program and is made to order. Order deadline is Thursday December 15th, 2011. Delivery scheduled for February 2012. Made in the U.S.A in our shop just outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

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In case you're wondering where the name came from, Gregory Paolini is a woodworking author, custom cabinet and furniture maker and quite an accomplished teacher. A small group of Woodpeckers employees spent a week at his school in Ashville, NC recently. It was there that we not only learned some new skills in the process of building a craftsman style table but also the benefits of a good pocket rule.

It didn't take long for Gregory to elaborate on how useful this tool is but how much better it could be with just a few tweaks. In particular he thought it should be thicker and wider. Thicker so it would stand upright on its own and wider to make room for a longer vertical scale.

So we listened to his comments and came up with a different style of pocket rule featuring the improvements Gregory suggested. We also added the rule stop for even more usefulness. If you're interested in more about Gregory Paolini, here's a link to his web site. http://www.gregorypaolini.com/

Woodpeckers Bench Rule – Combination Inch/Metric
SIDE 1: 1mm & 1/32 VERTICAL SCALE: 1mm
SIDE 2: 1/16 & 1mm VERTICAL SCALE: 1/32

Woodpeckers Bench Rule 18"

Woodpeckers Bench Rule 450mm