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The New Point 2 Point™ MK2 takes the hassle out of marking out jobs that need equal spacing, ideal for those of us whose eye instantly settles on an out of place screw head. The Point 2 Point™ saves a good deal of discomfort and time spent with a calculator, tape measure and note pad. Finding the perfect sequence and spacing for a row of coat hooks, screws, nails or dowels is quick and easy!


  •    Equal Spacing Layout:   Any finished job that leaves an exposed run
      of screw heads, nails, or even coat hooks can be a hassle to space
      equally. If you don't take the time to space them accurately, the only
      thing you'll notice is the screw head that's out of sync. The P2P Mk2
      works out the correct number and position of a run quickly
      and accurately. The 7 integral uprights built onto the Point 2 Point™
      mechanism expand equally to give 7 accurate marking points. If it's
      worth doing it's worth doing properly.
  •    Center Point Finder:   Where's the middle? How many times do you
      just want to find the center of a board. The central upright of the new
      Point 2 Point™ mk2 instantly centers itself on boards up to 2-1/2 ft in
  •    Layout Transfers:   The key to successfully edge jointing panels with
      dowels or flat dowels (biscuits) is a consistently repeatable dowel
      position. Set the Point to Point™ mechanism up to 5'' between points
      and lock in the precise setting. Then the layout markings can be
      transferred from board to board as many times as is required.
  •    Calculating the maximum number of subdivisions:   Minimizing
      wastage on a solid wood project can save a considerable amount of
      money. That starts with maximizing the size and number of
      components that can be extracted from each board at the start of a
      project. Using the Point 2 Point™ gives an excellent visual guide when
      marking out prior to rough sawing.


  •    NEW   Mechanism design:   In order to improve the performance
      of the new Point 2 Point™, it's now manufactured using higher
      tolerances - reducing play and increasing overall accuracy.
  •    NEW   Increased extension range:   The new Point 2 Point™ Mk2
      boasts a new maximum extension of 2 1/2'. A full 25% more than its
  •    NEW   More Robust Uprights and Cross Members:   The
      components that make up the new mk2 mechanism are 50%
      thicker than the original. Making it considerably more robust and
      hard wearing.
  •    NEW   Larger Pinch Bolts:   Rather than having to tighten 4
      pinch bolts to lock in a setting on the original Mk1, the Mk2 has just
      2 Pinch bolts. They're much larger, more ergonomic and quicker
      to use.  
  •    NEW   Nylon Bushings:   The original pivot points on the Mk1 were
      bushingless (metal on metal). The Mk2 assembly has 0.5mm nylon
      bushes fitted to 19 pivot points, making the scissor action smoother
      and improving accuracy at the same time.
  •    NEW   More accurate:   The Point 2 Point™ Mk2 is genuinely an
      entirely new product. It's new form has in part been shaped by
      suggestions, ideas and feedback from end users around the world.

Hints and Tips:

  •   For Right and Left handed users - Always have the "Upright cut out"
      facing the pencil holding hand. If it's not, rotate the Point 2 Point™
      180 deg.
  •   For consistent results always expand the mechanism close to its
      maximum width before closing the mechanism down to the setting
      you require.
  •   Due to the slight but necessary play within the mechanism The Point 2
      Point is not suitable for marking out small high tolerance joints such as
      dovetails and finger joints.
  •   When possible use the Point 2 Point on a flat surface.
  •   Always ensure both Pinch bolts are loose before expanding the


point to point

Great for laying out hardware.



Great for laying out dowels





M.Power Point to Point MK2