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marking gauge

marking gauge

marking gauge

Woodpeckers Marking and Panel Gauges

Two New Marking Gauges Designed for Uncompromising Accuracy

Marking gauges are best for cutting razor-thin lines that help align your chisels and hand saws for improved accuracy. If you hand cut dovetails, tenons, mortises, lap and most other joints, a good marking gauge belongs on your workbench. Sliced scribe lines not only provide a more accurate reference line but also help create crisp hand-cut joints.

Woodpeckers newest OneTime Tools are precision-machined, wheel-type marking gauges made for uncompromising accuracy. They're precise, extremely rigid and easy to control. You can quickly configure the scribe wheels and spacers for single or double marks spaced in 1/16 increments from 1/8 to 1/2". The tool-steel wheels are stationary so if you need a fresh cutting edge, just loosen the screw, rotate the wheel to a sharp section, tighten the screw and you're ready to go. To re-sharpen simply hone the flat face to bring it back to its original sharpness.

The tail end of the bar is hollow with a threaded cap allowing for storage of extra scribe wheels and spacers.

The fence of these marking gauges is CNC machined from billet, aircraft-grade aluminum and reamed for a perfect fit with the precision ground 3/4" diameter bar. The 6 marking bar is paired up with a 3-1/2 long fence and the 24 bar comes with a 6-1/2 long fence. With either of these fences you'll have substantially more contact area when compared with common round-head gauges. And with only 3/8 of fence below the bar, interference when guiding along rabbeted edges is also reduced.

True appreciation of the craftsmanship put into these tools will be obvious the moment you hold one in your hands. Their size, shape and weight all come together to give you the control needed to make consistently accurate, razor-sharp scribe lines for your woodworking joinery.

These Marking Gauges are available with a red anodized aluminum or polished stainless steel bar. Each bar is accurately engraved with an inch or metric scale.

Machined in our own shop just outside Cleveland, Ohio. Made in U.S.A.

Like all Woodpeckers OneTime Tools. These new Marking Gauges are only made to order. The deadline to order yours is Monday March 4th. Delivery is scheduled for May 2013.


Configures with a one or two scribe wheels.

Includes 1/16 and 1/8 inch spacers for use with two scribe wheels.

Tail end of bar has a convenient storage space for extra wheels and spacers.

aluminum bars

Also available with anodized aluminum bars.