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2616 square

set of squares

Last offered in May of 2012, these oversized Precision Woodworking Squares have grown in popularity as the go-to tool for setting up Festool MFT systems, layout and verification of cabinetry components and the ideal square for working with sheet goods.

From a size stand point, the closest similar tool is a common framing square, which is probably the most frequently used square in many wood shops. But unlike the thin, stamped squares many of us have, these new Precision Woodworking Squares are bigger, thicker, much more accurate and easier to use.

The 26 x 16 square has 24 of range along the inside of the long leg in order to reach the center of a plywood sheet. A common framing square has only 22-1/2 of reach. Our 18 x 12 version has 18 of reach.

Each of our squares is precisely machined, not stamped, from 1/4" thick aluminum tool plate to ensure dead-on perpendicularity from the first day. To give it rock solid stability, a lip is designed into the short leg so that the square can be confidently set against a board's edge while the square rests perfectly flat on its surface with no risk of the square falling off.

These Precision Woodworking Squares are available in two sizes, 26 x 16 and 18 x 12 inches with engraved inch or metric scales. Graduations are 1/16 and 1mm respectively. They can be purchase with or without a wall mountable wooden case. In fact this year we're offering a set where both sizes are contained in the same case to save wall space while still protecting the tools.

Guaranteed accuracy of .001" per foot or better.

These two sizes of Precision Woodworking Squares are only made to order. As is the case with all of our OneTime Tools, we will not charge you until the order is ready to ship (expect Paypal). The deadline to order yours is Monday August 19th, 2013. Delivery is scheduled for December of 2013.



cnc machined
CNC Machined from 1/4" thick aluminum tool plate.

maximum stability
Attached cheeks create a lip for maximum stability.

in case
Available with or without a wall-mountable MDF case.

Also available as a set including both the 26x16 and 18x12 sizes and inch or metric scales.

Precision Square 18" with CASE
Scheduled to ship December 2013.


Precision Square 450mm
Scheduled to ship December 2013.


Precision Square 450mm with CASE
Scheduled to ship December 2013.


Precision Square 660mm
Scheduled to ship December 2013.


Precision Square 660mm with CASE
Scheduled to ship December 2013.


Precision Square Set 18x12 and 26x16 with CASE
Scheduled to ship December 2013.


Precision Square Set 450mm and 660mm with CASE
Scheduled to ship December 2013.