OneTIME Tool - Gap Gauge - 2013- Retired April 8, 2013


The easy way to get better fitting dados, grooves, mortises & tenons.

What's a gap gauge? It's a super-handy tool that eliminates the need for accurate measurements to achieve tight fitting joints. By simply adjusting it to fit the inside or outside of either half of the joint, the other end of the gauge is automatically set to the size needed for a perfect fit.

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Want a perfect fitting dado? Simple, just adjust the two gauge halves to fit over the boards thickness, tighten the knob and you instantly have a gauge to set the dado by and the opposite end of the gauge is automatically set to the finished dado's width for checking the first test cut.

How about a perfect fitting mortise and tenon? That's easy too. Once your mortise is cut, insert the end of the gauge with the interlocking fingers, spread them against the inside walls of the mortise and tighten the knob. The opposite end of the gauge is the exact opening needed for checking the tenon's thickness. Now you can trim the tenon and check its fit without ever having to remove it from the vise.

Both the Gap Gauge and Mini-Gap Gauge work the same way. One end has interlocking fingers that allow for checking inside of gaps as small as 1/8” and as large as 1-1/8”. The opposite end features a gap opening that automatically changes with the spacing of the fingers and visa-versa.

Whether you're trying to shim a stack dado, trim a tenon or rout a close fitting tongue and groove joint, Woodpeckers new Gap Gauges are the perfect tool to take the guess work out of the process.

Both Woodpeckers Gap Gauges are part of our OneTime Tool program and are only made to order. The last day to order yours is Monday April 8th, 2013. Delivery is scheduled for July 2013. Made in our shop, just outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

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