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Norseman Parabolic 29-piece Drill Bit Set in Maple Storage Case

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Parabolic drill bits are designed for deep hole drilling without constantly removing the drill bit to clear chips. Their unique design was originally developed for deep drilling in metals, but the same fast-clearing flute design works great for deep holes in wood. They’re particularly well suited for end-grain drilling. They won’t drift offline like brad points and traditional twist drills.

Norseman Parabolic Drill Bit Set

This set of parabolic drill bits is made by Norseman Drill and Tool. You won’t find Norseman bits at big box home centers. They’re sold mostly to industrial manufacturers. We’re bringing them to you because Woodpeckers customers deserve the best on the market, not the same old “dull after 10 holes” bits you find everywhere else. These won’t replace brad points when you need a crisp, clean hole in relatively thin material (Norseman makes those, too). But for those deep, precision holes you need for cross-dowel joinery, pen turning and the like, these Norseman Parabolic Drill Bits are the perfect solution. 

This 29-piece set includes every size from 1/16" to 1/2" in 1/64" increments. They’re packed in a circular drill index that’s much easier to use than a multi-layer steel box drill index.  On top of being efficient, this particular circular drill index is turned from rock maple…it’s a Woodpeckers exclusive that will look great in your shop while protecting your Parabolic bits. 

Quantities of this exclusive wooden drill case are limited. Be sure to get your set before they’re gone!

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Country of Manufacture United States