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featherpro FeatherPRO Featherboard
The FeatherPRO Featherboard features an innovative use of High Density Foam feathers and the “living hinge” design approach that improves infeed control, dramatically improves kickback mitigation, and better protects your tools and woods from damage.

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bora miterix Bora Miterix Angle Duplicator
One of the most elusive angles in a home or on a project is a corner that is truly square. While this is no surprise to most of us, it can be quite a challenge when you are attempting to match whatever the angle may be with a piece of molding or trim.

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ez clamp

Bessey EZ One Handed Clamp
The Bessey EZ One Handed Clamp offers you single handed clamping and spreading of workpieces with up to 150 lbs of nominal clamping force.

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Bessey Track & Table Clamp
If you are a track saw fan of Festool, Makita, DeWalt or Protocol, this might be just the deal you were looking for. It's a heavy duty version of the clamps you may have seen before, but instead of plastic parts, this is all steel!

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You'll Wonder How You Ever Got Along Without It. It's a perfect example of applying existing cutting-edge technology to an entirely new purpose. Fasten a carbide insert to a comfortable handle and “Voil`a”, you have Woodpeckers latest tool, a super-handy mini-sized wood scraper.

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tormek Tormek T8
Tormek is committed to providing the best solutions for sharpening all types of edge tools. They have developed a unique sharpening system that has come to set the standard in modern edge tool sharpening.

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Leigh FMT Pro

With only One Guide, One Bit and One Setup, you can easily make both the mortise and matching tenon!

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base HTC 2000 Universal Mobile Base

With the HTC-2000 Universal Mobile Base, you can easily and quickly move your machinery around the shop! Ideal for nearly every Table Saw, Bandsaw, Sander, Planer, Jointer and Sander on the market.

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vise Bessey Heavy Duty Drop Forged Bench Vise
Bessey's 100% Guaranteed Unbreakable* Bench Vise is likely to be the last bench vise you will every buy.  This drop forged monster is the definition of a tough vise!  It all starts with a 90,000 PSI Drop Forged base, fixed jaw and moveable jaw.

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Woodpeckers' BladeSaver saw blade guard and hanger system protects your blades and offers features not found on other blade storage options.

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Incra Miter V120
The Incra V120 Miter Gauge delivers extreme precision and repeatability in a very compact size!

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i box

The Incra I-Box is the very best when it comes to producing a wide variety of beautiful box joints and finger joints.

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spring tools

Spring Tools
We are very excited to offer up a new tool to our family of quality American Made products! Spring Tools has a very clever and incredibly effective line of tools that will make you think twice about bringing out your hammer!

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M.Power 1200 Grit De-Burring Plate
When sharpening on the PSS the burr removal was carried out by hand; wiping the flat of the blade on one of the PSS diamond stones. However this can now be achieved much more quickly by fitting the PSS accessory “De-Burring plate”.

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M.Power Diamond Cross Stones
M.POWER has developed the brand new “Diamond Cross” stones specifically for the PSS to bring you an innovative and powerful combination sharpening system that will have you regaining that razor sharp edge in seconds.

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plug cutters

Snappy Tapered Plug Cutters
Why buy wooden plugs that may not match the grain or color of your project when you can make your own using the Snappy Plug Cutters?

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snappy hinge bit

Snappy Hinge Bit Set
With the Snappy Self Centering Hinge Drilling Bits, drilling perfectly centered holes for your hinges, drawer guides and just about any other hardware for your projects couldn't be easier!

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gripper standard

Gripper (Standard)
The highly acclaimed GRR-Ripper is one of the safest ways to manually feed wood through a table saw.

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Gripper Replacment Legs
Whoops!!!! So maybe, just maybe, you missed the tunnel of your Gripper Basic or the Gripper Advanced and chewed up one or more of the legs. It just so happens that we have the parts to replace what is now “modified”

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super track flip stop

Woodpeckers Super Track Flip Stop is the perfect choice for a stop block when using the Woodpeckers Superfence or Woodpeckers Super Track!

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finger joint bit

Whiteside Fine Finger Joint Bit
Whitesides Fine Finger Joint Bit features wedge-shaped multiple interlocking fingers.

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Kreg Jig K5 Pocket Hole Joinery System
The Kreg Jig® K5 incorporates the best features of every Kreg Jig® that came before with upgrades you've never seen.

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sanding detailer

Sanding Detailer
We have all fabricated up our own solutions for sanding in tight areas at some point. Now there is a very clever tool on the market that really covers all the bases.

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mini raised panel

Whiteside Mini Raised Panel Bits & Mini Stile and Rail Cutters
Ideal for smaller projects like smaller doors, jewelry boxes, humidors or any sort of small furniture, the Whiteside Miniature Raised Panel Bits are the perfect fit.

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full bead bit

Whiteside Full Bead Bits
Whiteside's line of full bead router bits offer a great way to accent all sorts of different projects. From adding beads to furniture legs, railings, moldings or even post beams, a nice looking bead is an easy way to dress up almost any type of cut.

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specialty molding Whiteside Specialty Molding Bits
Whiteside offers 4 different profiles for their Specialty Molding Bits. Each one offers a unique combination of cutting diameter, cutting length and bead diameter.
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multi-forms bits

Whiteside Classic Multi-Forms Bits
Introducing what could be the world's most versatile router bit. The Whiteside Classic Multi-Forms Router Bits offer you a multitude of profiles in just one bit!

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kreg jig hd

Kreg Jig HD
The Kreg Jig HD is just what folks have been looking for to take the strength and ease of the Kreg Jig to larger projects.

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micro drill guide

Kreg Micro Pocket Drill Guide
If you are looking for smaller, less noticeable pocket screw holes in the same joinery applications as the original Kreg Jig, or if your project calls for thinner stock or you don't have much room for the larger pocket screw holes, then the Micro Pocket Drill Guide is just what you need.

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lock miter bit

Whiteside 45 Degree Lock Miter Bit
The 45 Degree Lock Miter Bits from Whiteside are some of the most useful bits in your shop.

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tapering jig

MJ MicroDial Tapering Jig
Cutting tapers for legs or panels just got a whole lot easier and safer. With Micro Jig's new MicroDial Tapering Jig, there is no need to fabricate your own jig to suit the specific project at hand.

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mini multi knob

Multi-Knob Mini-T
Introducing our new Multi-Knob Mini-T. A heavy duty, easy to grip, smooth contoured knob that can be assembled as a thru or stud knob by you, whenever you want.

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rip cut

Kreg Rip Cut
The Rip-Cut™ is an incredibly handy tool which speeds and simplifies the process of ripping down large plywood and MDF panels. No measuring, no marking, no chalk lines – the Rip-Cut™ quickly and easily attaches to almost any circular saw.

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prp basic

PRP Basic Router Table Package
Woodpeckers Basic Router Table Package includes all of the essentials a woodworker needs for making virtually any woodworking project.

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shaker set

Whiteside Shaker Set
Making clean and simple cabinet doors like what's found on Shaker and Mission Style projects just got a whole lot easier. Introducing Whiteside's Shaker Stile and Rail Set and Whiteside's Bevel Raised Panel Set.

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Gripper Deflector/Connector
The MJ Deflector/Connector works seamlessly with the GRR-Ripper and MJ Handle Bridge.

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Gripper 1/8" Leg
The new 1/8” Leg for the GRR-Ripper is your scalpel on the table saw.

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knuckle clamp

Knuckle Clamp
Check out one of our latest new tools, the Knuckle Clamp. Better capacity, easier adjustments and increased surface area.
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clamp kit

Knuckle Clamp Kit
Woodpeckers new Knuckle Clamp Kit makes it quick and easy to hold awkward boards vertically to your bench.
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hook stop

Hook Stop
Get even more use from your Woodpeckers Woodworking Rule. New Hook Stop available for 12, 24 and 36” lengths.
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box clamp BC4-M2 Box Clamps
Checkout the new BC4-M2 Box Clamps. Easier to use at a lower price.
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multi-knob Multi-Knobs
Introducing our new Multi-Knob. A heavy duty, easy to grip, smooth contoured knob that can be assembled as a thru or stud knob by you, whenever you want.
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featherboard Featherboard Woodpeckers new Variable Pressure Featherboard. The unique design of this featherboard makes it easier than ever to adjust pressure without moving the featherboard.
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cross dowel jig

Cross Dowel Drill Jig
Take advantage of the incredible strength of cross dowel joints with our new Cross Dowel Drill Jig.
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story stick pro Story Stick Pro
Introducing Woodpeckers new Story Stick Pro. Instant, easy, better than ever.
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sf bracket kit

SF Bracket Kit
New heavy steel bracket for attaching Super Track to your bench, chop saw and other shop applications.
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sharpening system

M-Power DMT PSS Sharpening System
Check out the new sharpening system from M-Power. Perfectly flat bevels and razor sharp edges easier than ever.
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pb scribe M-Power Perfect Butt Scribe
The Perfect-Butt Profile Scribe from M-Power is a well made tool for accurately transferring a mating profile or what is referred to as coping.
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drill press fence

DP3 Drill Press Fence
New heavy duty 3” tall fence to add to your Woodpeckers Drill Press Table. Perfect for mortising.
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special_RT2432-P 27 x 43 Laminated MDF-Micro Dot Router Table - Refurbished
$199.99 $149.99 Sale!
27 x 43 x 1-3/8 thick MDF router table with high pressure industrial grade micro-dot laminate on both sides.
Quantities phone orders accepted.

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