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Perfect-Butt Profile Scriber

The M.POWER "Perfect Butt" Profile Scriber is a simple and elegant solution to the age-old problem of accurate profile copying and offsetting. Curved or straight, it gives you a perfect profile, and a perfect butt joint, every time. Now with 5 different wheel sizes our profile scriber can cope almost every conceivable profiling situation.

  • Scribe fit kitchen counter tops, shelving, work surfaces, laminate, tile flooring and especially cabinets to walls.
  • Scribe parallel lines around any form, ellipse, round or geometric shape.
  • Ideal for bent wood lamination forms.
  • Spring loaded pencil for consistent marks.
  • 5 different wheel sizes to cover a variety of offsets.
  • Remains stable while scribing - reducing the chance of errors.
  • 5 wheel diameters are 11/16th - 1" 1/8th - 2" - 2"3/4 - 3' 1/2 or 18mm - 29mm - 50mm - 70mm and 90mm



M-Power Perfect Profile Scribe