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trammel kit

Accurately mark or cut arcs, circles and parallel lines with the M.Power Flat Lying Trammel Set! . Simply clip the two Trammel Scribe heads onto any length steel or aluminum rule from 6 inches to 6 feet in length. Then choose the pencil or the hyper fine cutting blade to mark or cut.

Marking Gauge - Adding a Tri-Scribe unit to a standard try-square or combination square transforms it into a very accurate and stable marking gauge because the forces in the marking unit are now parallel instead of perpendicular. Since the trammel heads will hold your choice of a scribe, pencil or blade, it is a both a marking and cutting tool, versatile, accurate, and simple to use.

Blade Kit - Tri Blade - For precision marking where a pencil line just isn't fine enough, The FLTS includes a blade post and a bar of replaceable blades allowing you to strike a hyper fine line. Used when set up as a trammel compass and accurate circles can be cut out in veneer and paper. To change the blade simply undo the pinch screws with the Allen key provided, snap off a fresh blade section, slot in and re-tighten.  

Panel Gauge - By attaching the Tri-Scribes to a longer blade try-square or combination square you can mark panels with the same accuracy and ease that you mark mortises, tenons, rabbets, etc., and you don't have to buy, store or carry an extra tool to do so.

Cutting Gauge - Do you sometimes need, or simply prefer, a blade instead of a pencil line? The Blade post is included in the kit and creates a cutting gauge that can cut parallel lines and circles. Ideal for trimming veneers precisely, the Tri-Blade also allows very fine and accurate marking lines to be cut. This ability can be very useful when marking across the grain where a precise cut is more appropriate than a torn scribing line.


2 x Quality die cast electro coated trammel heads
1 x Carbon steel pivot point for durability
1 x Pre-set angled steel blade Post
6 x replacement blade segments
1 x Allen key
1 x H Pencil



combo square
Marking gauge

circle compass

Large Circle Compass

scribe pencil
Scribe head with pencil

scribe head with point
Scribe head with point



M-Power Flat Lying Trammel Set

Fits rulers up to 3/32" thick.