OneTIME Too- Model 6SS Carpenters Square

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Built for Speed With Accuracy To Last A Lifetime

Precision Carpenters Square for Woodworkers.  Thousands of woodworkers have adopted the carpenters square for use in the shop. These squares make extremely quick work of drawing 90° and 45° angles and are good for other layout chores. But what commonly available squares deliver in speed is compromised by their inaccuracy. The scale markings are crudely stamped and the their thick blades make it difficult to transfer precise pencil lines to your work.


Now, with Woodpeckers Model 6SS Carpenters Square, woodworkers can get speed with the precision required for furniture and cabinetmaking. The fixed 90° and 45° angles are accurate to within .0085° or better. The square’s stout construction, including a stainless steel blade, means it will last a lifetime and never loose tolerance. The tool’s aluminum handles are registered on the base of the square with precision-milled, tight-tolerance steel pins, then fastened with stainless steel socket head screws.

Model 6SS Carpenters Square drawing 45.
It’s A Beaut. Woodpeckers Model 6SS Carpenters Square is not only rugged with impressive heft, but it’s a surprisingly handsome tool. The stainless steel blade is bead blasted to produce a low sheen, satin finish that makes the scales especially easy to read. And the inch and degree scales are made using state-of-the-art equipment to produce annealed marks that deliver the durability of engraving with enhanced visual clarity. It even comes in an American made, molded, foam-lined protective case.

Measuring and Marking. Inch and angle degree scales are on both sides of the square. Inch scales are 1/16” graduation on the 90° edge and a full range 0° to 90° angle scale is marked on the 45° edge. This tool is also available with metric scale markings.  All markings are inspected for unsurpassed position accuracy on cutting-edge video inspection equipment.


Model 6SS Carpenters Square in case.

ll Woodpeckers tools are made by our highly skilled machinists operating state-of-the-art CNC equipment in our shop just outside Cleveland, Ohio.

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Model 6SS Carpenters Square - Inch
Scheduled to ship 1/26/18 - 3/30/18.

Model 6SS Carpenters Square with stainless steel blade and inch scale graduations. Made in U.S.A.

Model 6SS Carpenters Square - Metric
Scheduled to ship 1/26/18 - 3/30/18.

Model 6SS Carpenters Square with stainless steel blade and metric scale graduations. Made in U.S.A.