MJ MicroDial Tapering Jig

Cutting tapers for legs or panels just got a whole lot easier and safer. With Micro Jig's new MicroDial Tapering Jig, there is no need to fabricate your own jig to suit the specific project at hand. With their revolutionary new Memory Lock, Colormatch and MicroDial system, cutting tapers couldn't be more accurate or easy. Plus you can even use the new MicroDial Tapering Jig on not only your table saw, but your router table too!
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The Memory Lock system allows you to work faster by offering you 2 independent stops. These stops can be set up for 2 separate tapers on a single work piece allowing you to switch from one to the other quicker and easier than ever before.

By using the Colormatch feature on the MicroDial, you can lock into your desired taper and know exactly what taper angle you will produce. One MicroDial allows you to work in increments as small as 1/8 degree with a full range of up to 10 degrees. A second MicroDial offers you the flexibility of using the Rise over Run method of setting your tapered cuts with positive stops every 1/16” with a full range of up to 2” per foot. Since both dials are infinitely adjustable, you can even bypass the positive stops and work off of your own layout lines. Making it incredibly easy to set the right taper is exactly what a great tapering jig should do!

Although not required, The MicroDial Tapering Jig can seamlessly adapt up to 2 Gripper Advanced Pushblocks (GR-200) to optimize the accuracy and safety. The addition of the Gripper Advanced Pushblock System will help you to control the pressure down, in and forward. This will not only virtually eliminate the chance of kickback, but also keep your hands away from the saw blade or router bit.

No matter if you are using your table saw or router table for cutting tapers on table legs, table tops, panels or anything in between, the MicroDial Tapering Jig will be your go to tool to get the job done right the first time!

NOTE: For router table use, you will need 12” of capacity between the bit and the router fence.

Comes with an instructional DVD and detailed instructions.

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