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The new GRR-RIP Block from Micro Jig is the ultimate conventional push block on the market. With the new retractable Gravity Heel technology they have employed on this centuries old tool, this push block actually hooks onto the trailing edge of your work piece. Combine the Gravity Heels with the new Podular non-slip Green GRR-RIP surface on the bottom, and you now have complete control over your work piece.
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While you may already own the GRR-Ripper from Micro Jig, and have found just how valuable it can be on through cuts, imagine how much more gripping power you can have on your stock by adding a much larger gripping surface area with 1 contiguous gripping pad. This makes using the GRR-RIP Block the push block of choice for jointers, band saws, router tables, shapers and table saws. You can even add the optional Deflector chip guard to help keep the chips out of your face!

For any of your cuts that aren't going all the way through like shaping or profiling wood on your router table or shaper, working with your jointer, resawing on a band saw or cutting dados on your tablesaw, the GRR-Rip block should always be in one or both hands.

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