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OneTIME Tool® - Miter Master

In no time at all,  your Miter Master and the Miter Master-1 will become the tools you trust for marking and verifying all your 45 degree cuts.

Tight miters are difficult  enough without questioning the accuracy of your two-piece combination square and being limited to just 45 degrees. The Miter Master is unique by including both the standard 45 as well as its complimentary 135 degree angle. With both angles you can layout virtually any mitered corner without the limitations of working from only one edge.

No more guessing  or eyeballing to mark a miter from the edge opposite the one going against the fence. And once it's cut, you can inspect it from the same or opposite edge from which it was marked.

The Miter Master-1 is designed to help woodworkers accurately mark miter cuts before as well as to verify the angle after it's cut. Given its one-piece accuracy, the Miter Master-1 also makes a great tool for setting the saw blade on your table saw, miter saws and the fence of your miter gauge. The blade itself extends 1/4 beyond the inside of the base to form a step which allows the Miter Master-1 to lie flat and stable along the edge of your board. Overall thickness of the base is 23/32 and the blade is 7/32

To guarantee these angles are on the money and will stay that way, the Miter Masters are machined from a solid billet of aircraft-grade aluminum. A one-piece tool will always be more precise than a multi-piece alternative.

After careful manufacturing  each Miter Master is anodized to increase surface hardness and then laser marked for ease of use. The blade of the Master features a 12" long blade with the handle protruding 5" from the blade. The Miter Master-1 features a 6-7/8" long blade with a 5-7/8" long base.

Made in the U.S.A.  in our own shop just outside Cleveland, Ohio, The Miter Master and Miter Master-1 is part of Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool program and is made-to-order. It will be retired after the  order deadline of Thursday 5.31.18.


You can order the Miter Master or the Miter Master-1 individually or you can purchase the set that includes a wall mountable wooden case for safe storage and display.


PLEASE NOTE: If you order using a credit or debit card, you won't be charged until your order ships. However if you pay by Paypal, Paypal will deduct the funds as soon as you place your order. We don't have control of that so please keep it in mind.

Order deadline is Thursday 5.31.18.


Miter Master-1 No Case
Will ship by end of July 2018.


Miter Master No Case

Miter Master Set - Includes Wooden Case

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