Micro Jig Zero Play Guide Bar System

The ZeroPlay Guide Bar is a unique hassle-free miter bar system that is designed to make calibration easier than ever. Its smooth gliding movement makes calibration as simple as one-touch and lock in place. Simply push against the ends of the guide bar within a standard (3/4“ x 3/8”) miter slot or a Shopsmith miter slot and lock the width by securing the three button-head screws with a supplied hex key. The ZeroPlay uses parallel full-profile gliding surfaces, not set screws, to give you the smoothest operating miter bar on the market.
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Includes Zero Play Guide Bar System and ZeroPlay Stop.

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Give your jigs the ZeroPlay effect. The ZeroPlay Guide Bar System is designed for woodworkers who demand absolute accuracy when using their sleds or jigs in a standard miter slot. Not intended for a miter gauge, the ZeroPlay Guide Bar System is designed for user-built jigs. We even provide some of our favorite jig plans with the System. Create a router table jointing fence setup jig or take advantage of an angled off-cut pusher jig. Whatever the use is, the ZeroPlay Guide Bar works seamlessly with shop-built jigs and will ensure that you will be performing with accuracy and precision.

The ZeroPlay guide bar uses the top-down installation method, which allows you to secure the bar to your jig from the top. This takes out the hassle of pushing the jig back and forth to align and secure it. Conventional miter bars require you to pull the bar out from one side of the slot, secure it from the bottom, then push it through to the other end of the slot, secure it again, and you are lucky if the jig is close to being square. The ZeroPlay Guide Bar System eliminates this inefficient process.

With the ZeroPlay Guide Bar, once the jig is in place and square to the fence, simply hold it in place and secure it where it stands. The result is a perfectly square jig outfitted with an accurate smooth gliding ZeroPlay Guide Bar that will give you outstanding results.

The sleek durable frame of the ZeroPlay Guide Bar allows you to build smaller, more portable jigs for your workshop. Traditional miter bars are large and cumbersome, in turn; the jigs you build for the typical miter bar will be bulky and difficult to handle. This is why Micro Jig designed the ZeroPlay Guide Bar to be about 9 ½ inches in length for maximum stability while allowing the user to build small precise jigs that are easy to handle. Build smaller, more efficient jigs.

Take your accuracy to the next level with the ZeroPlay Stops. These ZeroPlay Stops are designed to travel within your miter slot serving as an anchor for your jig or to limit the travel of your ZeroPlay Guide bar. These ZeroPlay Stops will ensure that you do not slide too far down the miter slot, compromising your project. Simply, slide the ZeroPlay stop to your desired position long the miter slot and tighten the nylon screws. Now, your ZeroPlay stop is ready to help make consistent and precise cuts, again and again. Plus, they are great for user-built hold down clamps along the miter slot.

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