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Micro Jig Gravity Heel

The MicroJig Gravity Heel is an adjustable heel that attaches to every version of the GRR-RIPPER Push Block System. The Gravity Heel drops down to your desired depth to act as a hook on the trailing end of your stock. This provides you with the ultimate in stock control! Since this is designed to be sacrificial, it acts as a backing board to virtually eliminate any chance of tearout on stock. This makes it idealyou're your use on your table saw, router table and jointer! Just like all of the MicroJig tools, this is 100% made in the U.S.A.!
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Gravity Heel and GRR-RIPPER Advanced Combo SKU: GR200C4

Includes Gripper Advanced, Gravity Heel Kit & Gravity Heel Replacement Pack

This item typically ships within two weeks.

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Gravity Heel and GRR-RIPPER Basic Combo SKU: GR100C4

Includes Gripper Basic, Gravity Heel Kit & Gravity Heel Replacement Pack

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Gravity Heel Kit for GRR-Ripper SKU: GRGH-040

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Gravity Heel Replacement 5 pack SKU: GRGH-045

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The Gravity Heel is sold as a kit that includes 5 Heels, 2 Heel Spacers and 2 sets of mounting hardware. A replacement 5 pack of heels is also available.

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Country of Manufacture United States