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  1. Starrett Precision Rules
    The L.S. Starrett company has a comprehensive line of precision rules. We have tested many of them and selected the ones we think make the most sense for wood shop. Made from the finest spring-tempered steel with a satin chrome finish for easy reading in any light. These should last a lifetime. Learn More
  2. Fastcap 16’ ProCarpenter Tape Measures 4-piece Set
    The ProCarpenter Tape Measures are developed with 7 innovative features: Lever action belt clip, Pencil sharpener, Dual locking system, Erasable notepad, Heavy-duty 1-inch blade, High-contrast tape and Rugged compact design. All are 16' long. Learn More
  3. SharpDraw Pencil
    The SharpDraw pencil takes the tried and true carpenters pencil design but gives it a much more accurate and very clever twist. Imagine never needing to sharpen your pencil again all while maintaining a razor sharp .033” wide line. That is exactly what the new SharpDraw Pencil delivers! Learn More
  4. Starrett EXACT 1” x 25’ Tape Measure
    Produced of high durability ABS plastic for extended case life, these tape measures offer over mold for improved grip. Their ergonomic design fits comfortably in the hand and incorporate industry standard standout, and improved blade protection. This 1” x 25’ tape offers clear 1/16” graduations. Learn More
  5. Starrett Aluminum Protractor

    Starrett Aluminum Miter Protractor 12” Model 505A-12

    The 12” (300mm) ProSite Aluminum Miter Protractor is part of the popular ProSite 505 Protractor family. This 5-in-1 combination protractor transfers measurements for miter cuts and single cuts. This also provides a compound cut conversion table as well as roof pitches.

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  6. Starrett Double Squares

    Starrett Inch Reading Double Squares

    Designed for tool and diemakers, but just as useful in the wood shop, these precision steel double squares have adjustable blades making them practical for a wide variety of uses. The faces of the head are ground square.

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  7. Starrett Combination Squares
    For more than 130 years, Starrett’s combination squares have been made in their Athol, MA factory. The Starrett Combination Square features a reversible lock bolt, scriber, and hardened steel, photo-engraved blade. The square head is cast iron and has a black wrinkle finish. Learn More
  8. Woodpeckers Shop Notepad 3-pack
    Not quite ready for sketchup or some other drawing software? These superior quality graph pads allow you to get your ideas on paper and with the handy grids, you can even clear up any details. Layout a new joint, or visualize a construction problem, nothing makes the process as easy as simple. With measurements on all four sides of the page, you can layout your work vertically and horizontally. Each 8-1/2" x 11" shop notepad has 50 sheets of 20 lb bond paper. The dot matrix grid is laid out using 1/4" spaced squares with a dot every 1/16". Set includes 3 pads. Learn More
  9. PICA-Dry Longlife Graphite Pen

    The Pica Construction Marker for professional craftsmen is a universal graphite lead (2B) that makes marking possible on almost any surface, no matter if dry or wet, glossy or rough, dusty or oily. You can also wipe clean from glossy surfaces with a damp cloth.

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  10. Incra Measuring Rules

    Our INCRA Marking Rules, T-Rules, Bend Rules, Centering Rules, and Protractors may look like ordinary rulers, but take a closer look and you will see micro-fine marking holes and slots at every scale position to instantly locate a sharp pencil point or scribe exactly where you want it. No more squinting as you try to line up your pencil on that blur of lines alont the edge of your old steel rule. Even when the lighting is less than perfect, or your eyes are tired at the end of the day, you can effortlessly place your mark precisely on target with zero uncertainty and no eye strain. Who would have thought there was so much room for improvement in the common ruler.

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Our reputation started with and still rests on our layout and measuring tools. Our Precision Woodworking Squares, T-Squares, Carpenter’s Square and Mini-Square will improve the accuracy of your woodworking joinery, carpentry and home remodeling projects. We manufacture several different styles of rules, rulers and scales including the Edge Rule, Paolini Pocket Rules and our original Woodworkers Rules. In addition to those we manufacture ourselves, we also sell squares and rules from Starrett, Incra and Fastcap.