Edge Rule Rack-It and Stop

Edge Rule Rack-It and Stop

Woodworkers love the Edge Rules we introduced in the Fall of 2018. Sales have exceeded all expectations and customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. One request our “early adopters” made over and over is an adjustable stop, so our product developers put their heads together and came up with a simple, economical stop that fits the Edge Rule profile like a glove. With the stop in place, it didn’t take long for one of our clever developers to figure out that we could now hang the Edge Rules in a storage rack.

Edge Rule Rack-It and Stop

Edge Rule Rack-It Set (Edge Rule Rack-It and (4) Edge Rule Stops)


Edge Rule Rack-It and Stop

Edge Rule Rack-It


Edge Rule Rack-It and Stop

Edge Rule Stop


Expected Ship Date: 03/27/2019


Edge Rule Rack-It & Stop

Edge Rule Stop Marking a dimension from an edge on multiple pieces is more accurate and takes much less time when using the new Edge Rule Stop. Just set the stop once, bring the stop to the reference edge and mark your piece…each one just like the first.

Edge Rule Rack-It The Edge Rule Rack-It screws to your wall wherever you want it and holds 4 Edge Rules. They fit in with a simple clockwise twist with the stop just above the rack. Nothing short of a 7.2 Earthquake will get them to bounce out of the Rack-It, yet when you want one, just lift it about a half-inch, give it a simple counter-clockwise twist and go to work.


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Additional Information

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