Knuckle Clamp Bench Kit

knuckle clamp kit


Get Even More Use From Your Knuckle Clamp

A vise is a clamp mounted to your bench. Woodpeckers new Knuckle Clamp's versatility makes it as useful for holding stock vertically to the front edge of your bench as it does for holding that same piece down flat to the top.

In fact one advantage the Knuckle Clamp has over a typical vise is holding stock vertically. Because the material can pass down through it, you can successfully hold long boards vertically without interference from a vise screw.

With a short section of heavy duty Super Track and an angle bracket, you can quickly convert your Knuckle Clamp to a face vise capable of holding your board vertically for hand cutting joinery as well as length wise for hand planing the edge.

Each Knuckle Clamp Bench Kit includes a complete Knuckle Clamp, a 12 piece of Super Track, a pre-drilled heavy duty aluminum angle bracket, an adjustable stop for setting the boards' position in the vise and the hardware to put it all together.

Mounting the kit requires two 5/16" holes in your bench top spaced 4-1/2 apart and 2 back from the edge. After that it takes less than a minute to install or remove the kit. Two kits are recommended for most applications. Made in U.S.A.


knuckle kit
Combine two kits to make a vertical vise.

clamp kit
Knuckle Clamp Kit includes pre-drilled bracket, 12 Super Track, Knuckle Clamp and all necessary hardware and knobs.

Kit attaches and removes easily to any horizontal work surface. Just drill two holes for mounting.

Knuckle Clamp Kit
Includes Knuckle Clamp, 12 Super Track, angle bracket, adjustable stop and all necessary hardware. Made in U.S.A.

Knuckle Clamp, One
Includes one complete Knuckle Clamp with hardware. Made in U.S.A.

Knuckle Clamp Kit, Pair
Includes two complete Knuckle Clamp Kits.