ISOTUNES PRO Bluetooth Noise Isolating Earbuds

Introducing the world’s first proven noise-isolating Bluetooth earbuds that actually pass the toughest workplace standards set by NIOSH and OSHA, The Isotunes Pro!

Hearing protection is nothing new in Woodworking.  However, comfort and function have taken a backseat with the large over-the-ear muff type options on the market.  This is where the new Isotunes Pro Earbuds come in to play!

These hearing protection devices not only are safe and effective enough to use in extremely loud industrial atmospheres, they allow you to have clear conversations on your cell phone and listen to music!  You can listen to music through your phone, MP3 Players or any other device equipped with Bluetooth technology. The latest in Bluetooth 4.1 plus 6mm drivers provide premium sound with an 85 DB limit so you will never damage your hearing.

Every set of Isotunes Pro Earbuds come with 4 different sized earbuds to make a perfect customizable fit in your ear.  These tips are IPX4 rated for being sweat proof and splash proof all while providing a noise reduction rating of 27 DB NRR.  The Custom fit Memory Wire comfortably wraps around your ear to help keep these earbuds securely in your ear!

You will be able to enjoy a whopping 10 hours of listening or talking time on a single charge (240 hours while not in use).  The noise cancelling microphone ensures you will have crystal clear conversations on your cell phone even when loud, solid state noises like jet engines, lawn mowers and dust collectors are running in the background.  The person on the other end of the phone will never know the difference!

If hearing protection isn’t one of the top concerns in your shop, it should be!  Use the Isotunes Pro anywhere you want to protect your hearing, listen to music or talk on your cell phone: In your Workshop, Mowing Grass, at the Firing Range, Commuting, Working out, in the Office or at a Race Track. Literally anywhere you go, you will find yourself using the Isotunes Pro!

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Country of Manufacture China