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Incra Jig Miter Gauge 1000

incra miter 1000

Discover the next generation in advanced state-of-the-art Miter Gauges by Incra. The Miter1000 is a no-nonsense, high performance Miter Gauge that’s big on capability and low on cost. It features the exclusive AngleLOCK™ Indexing System and GlideLOCK™ Miter Bar working together to deliver supremely accurate and repeatable miter cutting performance over a FULL +/-90° range.

The new INCRA MITER1000 delivers INCRA’s exclusive AngleLock Indexed Positioning in absolutely accurate 5 degree increments over a FULL plus and minus 90 degree range. Special angle stops are also included at popular 22 1/2 and 67 1/2 degree settings. The MITER1000 also comes with an engraved stainless steel 1/4 degree vernier scale. These features combined with the perfect fit of the GlideLOCK miter bar creates a miter gauge unmatched for accuracy over a 180 degree range. The MITER1000 comes standard with an 18" aluminum fence and a slide stop. It is also available with Incra’s new FLIP ShopSTOP Fence in lengths up to 36".

Click to download manual. (Miter1000 Manual-1.5MB)





miter 1000
MITER1000 shown with standard 18" fence and slide stop.

vernier cursor
A 1/4 degree vernier cursor helps you hit virtually any angle between the positive stops.

absolute accuracy
Absolute accuracy every 5 degrees.



iconm1k.jpg Miter-1000 w/18" Slidestop Fence
This Incra product may take 4-6 weeks for shipment.

(not compatible with Stock-Grip Aux Fence)

Telescoping Flip Fence 18-31" range
This Incra product may take 4-6 weeks for shipment.

Flip Shop Stop Sold Separately.


Incra Miter Express