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Hydrosorbent Dehumidifier Mini Canister 3-pack

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Hydrosorbent® Dehumidifiers protect your valuables and supplies by ‘drinking up’ almost-indetectable moisture in tool boxes, systainers, camera cases, small cabinets, closets and storage spaces. Dehumidifiers are non-toxic: no harmful vapors, no chemical reactions or stains. Safe for foods, medicines, sensitive materials, electronics, clothing, collectibles, and more. Contains top grade silica beads in containers that can be reused indefinitely: buy it once, use it forever and unlike other dehumidifying products, these units require no electricity, no refills, and no replacement parts. You can reactivate your unit easily in any conventional oven so that it can be used for a lifetime of moisture protection. Each Hydrosorbent® Dehumidifier has a built-in indicator that signals when it is saturated and ready to be reactivated. Silica gel has been the preferred desiccant of government and industry for more than 50 years because it works so well, at very low cost. Eliminate musty odors and mildew from your storage containers and closets. Keep your belongings fresh. Keep all your tools safe from moisture damage. Keep cameras, telescopes, and other valuables safe from moisture damage.

Keep all your Valuables Safe

Tools & batteries • Photos & documents • Videos, DVDs, CDs • Computers • Electronics • Hearing aids • Diabetes strips • Medicines • Food & grain • Seeds & bulbs • Clothing & leather • Jewelry & silverware, Coins & stamps • Collectibles • Musical instruments • Cameras & binoculars • Telescopes & optics •  Welding rods & flux • Sporting equipment • Fishing equipment • Hunting equipment • Camping equipment • Boats, RVs, Cars

Available in a mini canister that contains 40 grams of indicating silica gel in a compact aluminum canister that measures 4” x 2” x ½”  Protect three cubic feet of enclosed space.  The indicating gel is blue and turns to pink when it is full and needs to be reactivated.  To reactivate, simply place in a 300° oven until the wind turns blue again.

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Country of Manufacture United States