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Whiteside Hingecrafter Router Bit Set

hingecrafter bit set

Whiteside has been an industrial manufacturer of router bits for the furniture industry for many decades. Now they've made their high quality router bits available to woodworking hobbyists.

They put this set together specifically for the Incra HingeCrafter. It features eight different, ½ shank, carbide tipped cutters. The set includes.

  3/8 Straight
  1/2 Straight
  5/8 Straight
  3/4 Straight
  3/8 Half Round
  1/2" Half Round
  5/8 Half Round
  3/4" Half Round

Buying this set is the least expensive way to instantly have the full selection of hinge making bits at your finger tips.

Bits also available separately.



clean and accurate
Perfectly clean and accurate cuts.

matched hinge barrels
Aligned and matched hinge barrels.

industrial bits
Industrial bits for professional results.

Whiteside HingeCrafter Router Bit Set