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Micro jig Matchfit Dado Clamps

The new MicroJig Matchfit Dovetail Clamps are in a class all by themselves, with features never seen in a clamp before. The innovative dovetail shape on the head of this clamp is the key to unlocking the versatility of this very unique tool.
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Micro Jig Matchfit Dado Stop Micro Jig Matchfit Dado Stop SKU: DS-333

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By routing a slot with a dovetail bit, you now have the ideal clamping surface in which to mount this dovetail clamp!  Countless jigs and fixtures for hand tools and power tools can now be easily and securely mounted in ways never thought possible before. 

By routing a dovetail slot though the bottom of a straight piece of lumber, you instantly have an edge guide for your circular saw.

Quickly and easily add and interference free shop-made fence or extended height re-saw guide to your band saw.

Clever shop-made jigs and fixtures for your table saw and hand planes can be easily secured with no clamps in your way.

Keep in mind, these clamps have a dovetail shape to them.  They do require a 3/8” deep, 1/2" Diameter, 14 degree dovetail slot and are not compatible with any metal tracks that we are aware of.  They do work perfectly with the MicroJig Matchfit Dado Stop system. 

Clamping Capacity – 5-1/4” /  Clamping Pressure – 595 lbs  /  Jaw Depth – 2-3/8”  /  Minimum Dovetail Slot Length – 3-3/4”  /   Dovetail Profile – 1/2" x 14 degrees.

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Country of Manufacture United States