If you are a magician in the woodshop, the 1/8” Leg makes you a surgeon. The new 1/8” Leg for the GRR-Ripper is your scalpel on the table saw. A woodworker knows that the eye-catching details are what make a project truly stand out. With the 1/8” Leg, reach new levels of excellence and achieve new dimensions of accuracy.

With the newest installment from Micro Jig, you can make rips as thin as one eighth of an inch without breaking a sweat. Before the GRR-Ripper, this level of control and surgical precision would have been virtually impossible for manual feeding. Now, producing consistent, clean, safe, and controlled cuts is a reality for thousands of workshops around the world.

The 1/8” Leg is designed to rip as narrow 1/8” with the GRR-Ripper. The 1/8” Leg has ½” height clearance for the saw blade to pass. Make sure that the saw blade is at most ½” above the surface of the stock.

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Country of Manufacture United States