W.L. Fuller Drill Brad Point Bits


W. L. Fuller, Inc. has been manufacturing High Speed Steel Brad Point Drills for over 60 years in the USA. They have the knowledge and expertise necessary to custom manufacture the tips of brad point drills to perform exceptionally in all applications (e.g. removing spurs for end grain drilling, elongating the brad point to allow for accurate angle boring, rounding the spurs to create a clean entry hole in softwoods, etc.). Their Brad Point Drills are made from the highest quality tool grade high speed steel available on the market, making them exceptionally long lasting, and maintaining a sharp cutting edge longer than any other Brad Point on the market. All of their Brad Point Drills are finished by hand by experienced American craftsman. 14-piece set includes 3/32” to ½” by 32nds.

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W.L. Fuller Brad Point Bit Set 14p  #251950146 W.L. Fuller Brad Point Bit Set 14p #251950146 SKU: FU-251950146

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W.L. Fuller Drill Bit Stop Collar Set of 15  #10690015 W.L. Fuller Drill Bit Stop Collar Set of 15 #10690015 SKU: FU-10690015

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The drill stop collars are a handy accessory to the brad point bits when precise drill depth is required. Set of 15 to fit 1/16” to ½” by 32nds.
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Country of Manufacture United States